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February 26 WOB Arlington Scores:Thuggin’ in the 5-Hole is Totes Allsome

Ok, the Olympics are finally over and it's time to move on. But what can we do in the time until Championship week and March Madness begin? The answer is simple: show up and play trivia with the PubGuys. Trust me, there is some big news on the horizon and if you're not following the PubGuys on all the major social media outlets, you certainly should be. While this seemingly endless lull of action nearly forces us to watch reruns of Murder, She Wrote in hopes of getting a little excitement injected into our lives, we must remain strong. This black hole of sports is almost over; I promise. We will survive, and we'll do it together. 

In the interim, you need to save up your $20 and join the PubGuys NCAA Tournament Challenge. The details will be posted shortly, but the gist is this. The cost is $20 per entry and you stand a great chance of winning some money back, all while having no prior knowledge of basketball or the teams in the tournament. I promise, it's that easy. Again, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

We'll also be having a contest between the WOB-Arlington and WOB-SMU locations. That should be fun. 


Oh yeah, there was some trivia Wednesday night….

In what was a wild and crazy night of trivia, the team usually known as William Shatnerface returned under the alias Totes Magotes and stormed through the opening game to a win. The dangerous team of the Loyalty Thugs finished just a few points back for second place, narrowly edging out Just Plain 5-Hole. In the opening game, we learned that Sylvester Stallone played Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies, Gertrude Ederle was the first person to swim the Pacific Ocean, the US has had 6 Presidents with the first name Biff, James Bond was married to RuPaul, and RoboCop lead the Free French Resistance during WWII. Fascinating stuff…

The much anticipated Power Hour of PubGuys Trivia saw From the Ashes Rises the 5-Hole dominate and take home the grand prize. In a close battle for second place the Harold Ramis-Busters just squeezed by the long-awaited return of Dr. Acula. In Game 2, we learned that Paris is the capital of Croatia, the logo of GE was recently named after Larry Bird, Spuds MacKenzie was the first dog in space, and that the Jacksonville Jaguars and Sacramento Kings are two of the charter franchises in the NFL. There was also a very hotly-contested debate over the first woman ever in space: Oprah or Marie Curie. I think that one could go either way…


Thanks again to everyone for showing up for another awesome night of PubGuys Trivia at the World of Beer Arlington. Now, since you've been so good lately, here's another bonus question for you. Bring your answer to trivia next Wednesday and you'll be awarded one bonus point.


What 1963 song led to a thirty-one month FBI investigation into supposed obscenities hidden in its unintelligible lyrics?



Team Name Total
Totes Magotes 38
Loyalty Thugs 36
Just Plain 5-Hole 30
Dave's Angels 26
DNO 25
Bourbon Snobs 25
Deadwrinkle 23
Team Name 20
Quiz in my Pants 20
What the hell is a razzleberry? 16
BadA$$ 15
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 14
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 12
Dr. Acula 7
Harold Ramis-Butts 5
Team Name Total
From the Ashes Rises the 5-Hole 36
Harold Ramis-Busters 31
Dr. Acula 30
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 29
Team Name 27
Quiz in my Pants 25
Cunning Linguists 24
DNO 24
Deadwrinkle 23
High Line 22
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 21
BadA$$ 19
What the hell is a razzleberry? 19







Here's the playlist for the night. Enjoy.

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February 19 WOB Arlington Scores: Putin’s Stinky 5-Hole

We're well into week 2 of the Winter Olympics. yay.

This simply means only a few more days before this spare set of events, notice I didn't say sports, is over. If you're curious, yes, the PubGuys feel rather strongly about the differences between events and sports (see here). Simply put, if it has to be judged, it is an activity or event. There are several other nuances to it, but you get the picture. Curling – that's a sport. Biathlon – also a sport. Ice dancing – not a sport. I'm not diving into the argument of physical prowess or exertion right now (goodness knows we did that in the link above). I'm merely conveying our point of view that the PubGuys are very glad that the Winter Games are soon to be concluded. 

March Madness is right around the corner, and we're getting excited. First, if you aren't familiar, the PubGuys have a very special (and AWESOME) March Madness fantasy-style game. Sure, we'll go ahead and set up a bracket challenge like everyone else, and we might even give away a prize. But more importantly, we're looking forward to year 2 of the PubGuys March Madness Tournament Challenge. We are hoping to fill even more brackets this year. Look for details about the Tournament Challenge soon, or just ask your favorite neighborhood PubGuy. 

Onto the results from trivia. That's what you're here for after all. Right?

Game One turned out to be quite the battle as the team, Friday, We Aim for Canada's 5-Hole just managed to outlast The Sparkling Boobs. Finishing just outside the money were the teams Dave's Angels followed closely by My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't and Deadwrinkle. In the opening game, we learned that Prohibition began in 2004, Eddie Van Halen was the lead singer of AC/DC, and Harry Potter's death prompted the burning of effigies in British streets in 2013. 

The Power Hour marked the return of the Loyalty Thugs, playing under the alias All This Putin Stinks. Welcome back, and congrats. In their first night back in some time, they quickly returned to midseason form and dominated the competition. Finishing in the Ms. Congeniality spot was My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't just ahead of 5 Rings, 5 Holes, and an Olympic Dream (quite the underrated team name). The fun facts we learned in game number two included, Smokey Robinson's most famous band was apparently Robocop and the Pips, Reunion Tower is the tallest building in the US, London Bridge is also known as the "Gateway to Calcutta", and Charles Darwin was the author of 50 Shades of Grey. Interesting…

The Power Hour was pretty tough this week so you might consider studying up next week. But if you don't want to study (I don't blame you), I'll just offer up a bonus point. All you have to do is bring the answer to the question below to trivia next week and I'll give you a bonus point. See the Winter Olympics have me feeling all generous. 


Which iconic actor portrayed 7 characters in the 1979 film "The Man in the Santa Claus Suit"?

Thanks to everyone for coming out and thanks as always to World of Beer Arlington for being awesome. They're starting up new drink specials next week at WOB, so check them out!


Team Name Total
Friday, We Aim for Canada's 5-Hole 26
The Sparkling Boobs 24
Dave's Angels 22
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 21
Deadwrinkle 21
Quiz in my Pants 20
Team Name 15
Team Awsome 15
Schwarzenegger 11
We're Here to Drank 9
Bar 6
What the hell is a razzleberry? 5
Cheetah Girlz 3
Team Name Total
All This Putin Stinks 24
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 15
5-Holes, 5-Rings, and the Olympic Dream 14
Just the Tip Your Waitress 13
Quiz in my Pants 12
What the hell is a razzleberry? 10
Team Name 10
Deadwrinkle 9
Bar 9
Schwarzenegger 5
The Sparkling Boobs 1







Here's the playlist for the night. Enjoy.

If you haven't joined our newsletter, you should. It could mean extra points. Also hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. You're bound to learn something not to mention we frequently use our Twitter account to feed you hints and (sometimes) answers.