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February 12 WOB Arlington Scores: Deadwrinkle Jerks with the 5-Hole

PubGuys Trivia

So what if the Olympics aren't quite turning out the way you wanted. There's always trivia!

I get it. You've been spending your days and nights watching reruns of previous Olympic games in order to prepare for the thrill and excitement of your favorite Winter Olympic event. The speed, the rush, the anticipation. All of that rolled into the Winter Olympics most exhilerating competition: ice dancing. 
If you're not a believer yet, it will only take about 15 seconds before the heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat action of ice dancing will have you hooked. 

And even if after watching countless hours of ice dancing, you're still not inspired, there's always cross-country skiing. The Winter Olympics give us a lot of things to bridge the gap between the Super Bowl and March Madness. Unfortunately, the most compelling storyline of these Olympic games has been the quest to find the culprit who farted on Bob Costas' pillow. Here's hoping Bob's eye herpes clears up soon so we can get back to concentrating on events like Nordic freestyle (that sounds dirty) and curling!
Now, onto the game!
In Game 1, the Deadwrinkle led from start to finish en route to their first ever win at PubGuys trivia. Admittedly, we were all very excited to see two of our favorite players take the top spot. Congrats to you both, and thanks for the valentines! There was a close race for second place as Cupid Aims for the 5-Hole just edged out My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't. In Game 1, we learned that Blondes Only Like Okra, Millard Filmore was JFK's Secretary of State, LBJ had surgery to remove a "magic bullet" from a naughty place, and you guys are really frightened by horror movies such as Home Alone and Free Willy. 

Game 2 came down to the wire as 4-Souls, 5-Holes and the Deadwrinkle were just edged out by April, Brian, and a Jerk. The Power Hour taught us that Baloo was a homeless eskimo in the Jungle Book, Carly Simon and Master P teamed up for You're so Vain, Socrates was born in Baltimore, and the first televised sport was American Gladiators. I'll admit, that one took me back a few years….. Ahh. Ice…..

Thanks to everyone for showing up at World of Beer Arlington. Bring some friends next week, mention or comment on this post, and we'll give you a bonus point.

Team Name Total
Deadwrinkle 34
Cupid Aims for the 5-Hole 29
My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't 26
Dave's Angels 26
April and the Jerk 23
Quiz in my Pants 18
Team Name 14
Quit Making Ballsaccusations 9
Team Name Total
April, Bryan, and a Jerk 29
4-Souls – 5-Holes 27
Deadwrinkle 23
Dave's Angels 22
Quiz in my Pants 21
Quit Making Ballsaccusations 19
TPD 18
Team Name 17
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 3











Here's the playlist for the night. Enjoy.

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September 11 WOB Arlington Scores: Boom Goes the Couch in the 5-Hole

Pound Town

It's a good thing you guys don't suck, because I do. Well, in the figurative sense anyway; it should never take me an entire week to get your scores posted; I am woefully apologetic for the delay. 

My Couch Pulls Out came strong, stayed strong for the entire first game and were ripe contenders in the second. While 5-Hole, our loving semi-regulars, brought it in both games to take 2nd and 1st respectively. Relative newcomers Boom managed to grab the second place honors in the second game. We'll see them back soon.

Personally, I'd have never thought this, but in terms of college sports, you folks are all about the football. We asked you last week which type of football you liked best and the results came back 60% college and only 30% NFL with the remaining 10% split between Canadian and arena. This week, it was about the baseball and this time around the college stuff didn't fare so well coming in at only 10%. Overwhelmingly, you prefer Major League Baseball (70%) over college (10%) and Little League (20%). Minor League baseball didn't even register a blip. The results are on the front page over to the right (right under the ads, which we'd really appreciate if you went ahead and clicked on…thanks!).

In the meantime, make sure you follow us on Twitter. We've tweeted three different answers over this past week for the game on the 18th. Who knows, those three questions could be the difference between 1st, 2nd and nada. 

Team Name Total
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 38
I'll Bring the Stick & Puck, You Bring the 5-Hole 36
Boom 35
Dave's Angels 33
The Black Knight Moves for no Man 32
Putin Smells Like Gas 31
Fire Mack Brown 29
Deadwrinkle 27
Steel City 26
Team Name 25
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 21
Pound Town 13
The Bubble Daisys 4
Team Name Total
Soft, Moist, Loving… The 5-Hole 34
Boom 32
All My Angels Deserted Me 27
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 27
Deadwrinkle 26
The Black Knight Moves For No Man 25
Steel City 25
Team Name 24
Putin Smells Like Gas 22
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 21
Purple Haze 19
William Shatnerface 7











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August 21 WOB Arlington Scores: William Flames & Voids the Astros


Started strong, ended strong, really strong in the middle. Our trivia teams at the World of Beer in Arlington are the best in the area – beyond doubt.

both games were very close, but in the end, William Shatnerface came out on top for the night. And, well done to Flame – you've been playing a while…it was your turn! :-)

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Team Name Total
William Shatnerface 40
The Flame and the Void 38
Astro's are winning!!! For Now 37
Feeling Good 35
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 32
Dave's Angels 29
Bar 25
Sara 25
Team Name 25
Deadwrinkle 22
Ass Spankers 20
Bringing the Storm 14
Team Name Total
Astros are Tied Because They Can Take a Hit. 34
William Shatnerface 33
Deadwrinkle 32
Feeling Good 23
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 23
Beer Buddies 23
Bar 22
Team Name 21
The Flame and the Void 16
The Sharknados 12










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July 10th Arlington Scores: Cunning Shatner Face x 2



Here are the scores from last nights scorcher. Two teams topped the tables both games, but in swapped positions. Well done to Cunning Linguists and William Shatner Face for games well played.

The night was historic in a manner of speaking, not because it's in the past making it history, but rather because we broke new ground. Last night your PubGuys did everything over the interwebs. That's right, all the questions, all the scoring, everything we did through the magic of stellar programming and the WOB Wireless connection.

Team Name Total
Cunning Linguists 35
William Shatner Face 34
Dave's Angels 31
Team Name 31
Los Vatos 31
The Flame and the Void 27
M. E. 26
My wife and my beer smell the same! 26
Red Rocket, Red Rocket 25
Team Z 24
Pen15 23
Nice Tits Sir 21
Booty Call 20
Tauri 19
SoDak 18
Face Down Ass Up 3


Team Name Total
William Shatner Face 35
Cunning Linguists 27
Team Z 25
Team Name 24
Red Rocket, Red Rocket 20
Nice Tits Sir 20
The Flame and the Void 20
Blood Turd Fart Butt Piss 19
Tauri 14
Face Down Ass Up 13
SoDak 11
M. E. 9
Deadwrinkle 4











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