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May 29th Arlington Scores: Buddha Team Hustler Ales

Kyle Scores

What an evening! I mean that in – well – the evening sense of the word. The rest was more of a "WTF" sort of thing. 

For what it's worth E.A.P.'s The Pit and the Pendulum did NOT take place in Cambodia and no Rob Lowe did NOT appear in more than 30 Alfred Hitchcock movies although I'm sure he would have if he could have. Certainly, he was a better actor than Hitchcock, himself. 

So, in the first game, the Know it Ales came in first but only just because Hustler and his new found band of cronies was knocking on the door all that first game long. In the second game, newcomers Buddha Pirates ran away with the show with Team Name coming in second but six points shy of the mark. Welcome to the pub, Buddha Pirates we hope to see you again.

The rest of you jokers, we'll see next Wednesday!

Team Name Game 1
William Shatner Face 37
Team Name 38
Hot Spot 29
Hudson 20
Dead Wrinkle 29
Buddha Pirates 38
Eric 3
Hustler 43
Your Mom 21
You Only YOLO Once 36
English Teacher Geeks 4
Shake & Bake 25
Roxx 20
Know it Ales 44
Sherlock Homies 25


Team Name Game 2
NL East 33
Buddha Pirates 43
Sherlock Homies 7
William Shatner Face 27
Hudson 6
I Like Turtles 30
Dead Wrinkle 23
Hustler 35
Team Name 39
2 Jerks & a Squirt 37










Check the side bar on the home page for the results of the "Favorite James Bond" poll and it seems that you folks like Sports & Leisure just slightly more than you like Literature.  We'll see what we can do to weight the games that way for you – maybe