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September 4 WOB Arlington Scores: Angus, Wayne and the Angels

Beer and a Microphone

Well. I hope you've all recovered from your exploits. I'm not quite sure that we have. But, we recovered enough to throw one helluva beautiful night at World of in Arlington. Great stuff. 

But, you guys really need to bone up on your "Call me Ishmael" is not the beginning line to Horton Hears A Who! . Seriously.

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Team Name Total
Anal 37
Dave's Angels 26
Ramrod 24
Multiple Scoregasms 22
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 21
James Franco opened his eyes; now we have 6 more weeks of summer! 20
Brown Power 17
Must Go Faster! 16
AC&T 14
Hugh Jass Drinkers 14
Team Name 13
Team Name Total
Anal Angus 39
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 33
Ramrod 31
AC&T 27
Beer Buddies 25
James Franco isn't gay; he can't open his eyes wide enought to tell who he's f***ing! 24
Dig Bick 23
Team Name 23
Multiple Scoregasms 20
Must Go Faster! 19
Bar 19
Brown Power 18










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