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September 18 WOB Arlington Scores: William and the Spaghetti Monster Versus the Evil Wrinkle

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Strange night that one, but fulfilling on a surprising number of levels. Small crowd to begin that just grew and grew and grew. PGTerrill was out sick, so he wasn't there to witness the and the new teams that shared in the spoils. Good times.

Familiar friends, , took first place in the , but and all-round , The Flying Spaghetti Monsters, managed second place. Sadly, they couldn't stay for the – like pretty much everyone else. That opened the door for regular players Deadwrinkle to finally take home a bit of the spoils for themselves. Well done you two! And sitting as they do, in the , Evil Angus (despite being down two players) took top honors and top of the night for the second round.


We would like to remind you that if we believe your're cheating, you're not going to win. That's the bare truth. So, keep your phones tucked away so there's no confusion with either us, or the perception of cheating to the other players. We don't want any hard feelings, sore losers or cheating winners.


Team Name Total
William Shatnerface 32
The Flying Spaghetti Monsters 30
Team Name 29
Herbie Versmels! 29
Deadwrinkle 23
I Need Another Beer 22
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 21
Bar 19
Dave's Angels? 18
Team Wokka 16
Starchitechts 12
Chandler 7
Team Name Total
Evil Angus 39
Deadwrinkle 38
My Couch Takes Up Space Just Like I Do 37
Dave's Angels 32
I Need Another Beer 32
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 31











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