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September 11 WOB Arlington Scores: Boom Goes the Couch in the 5-Hole

Pound Town

It's a good thing you guys don't suck, because I do. Well, in the figurative sense anyway; it should never take me an entire week to get your scores posted; I am woefully apologetic for the delay. 

My Couch Pulls Out came strong, stayed strong for the entire first game and were ripe in the second. While 5-Hole, our loving semi-regulars, brought it in both games to take 2nd and 1st respectively. Relative Boom managed to grab the second place honors in the second game. We'll see them back soon.

Personally, I'd have never thought this, but in terms of college sports, you folks are all about the football. We asked you last week which type of football you liked best and the results came back 60% college and only 30% with the remaining 10% split between Canadian and arena. This week, it was about the baseball and this time around the college stuff didn't fare so well coming in at only 10%. Overwhelmingly, you prefer Major League Baseball (70%) over college (10%) and Little League (20%). baseball didn't even register a blip. The results are on the front page over to the right (right under the ads, which we'd really appreciate if you went ahead and clicked on…thanks!).

In the meantime, make sure you follow us on Twitter. We've tweeted three different answers over this past week for the game on the 18th. Who knows, those three questions could be the difference between 1st, 2nd and nada. 

Team Name Total
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 38
I'll Bring the Stick & Puck, You Bring the 5-Hole 36
Boom 35
Dave's Angels 33
The Black Knight Moves for no Man 32
Smells Like Gas 31
Fire Mack Brown 29
Deadwrinkle 27
Team Name 25
Wayne the Main McClain 21
Pound Town 13
The Bubble Daisys 4
Team Name Total
Soft, Moist, Loving… The 5-Hole 34
Boom 32
All My Angels Deserted Me 27
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 27
Deadwrinkle 26
The Black Knight Moves For No Man 25
Steel City 25
Team Name 24
Putin Smells Like Gas 22
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 21
Purple Haze 19
William Shatnerface 7











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