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October 30 WOB Arlington Scores: Lesbian Archer Comes with Bill’s Liver

Lesbian Barbie Throwback

Once, a long, long time ago (well, last week) in a land far, far away (ok, so ), nine teams gathered together to compete for the most coveted prize in all the land – The Cup! This prize is so coveted that teams would gather together weeks in advance to plan strategies and manufacture diversions to distract the other teams…

who am I kidding?
It was just another marvelous night at the World of in Arlington with some kick-ass players in house vying for their weekly fix of WOBBucks. It was a good time!

Lesbian came out of the closet strong and kept her nose, but only barely, out in front of newcomers Team Archer. Team Name Minus One held their own and finished a strong third, but out of the money. In the second game, it was all Bad Boys William Shatnerface fending off all comers with a strong, strong showing. My 's OK took second place in their first showing in months. Welcome back!


Here's our playlist from the game, too. Enjoy.

Thanks all! See you next week.


Team Name Total
Lesbian Barbie Comes in Her Own Box 34
Team Archer 33
Team Name Minus One 31
Here for the Beer, 2 26
Deadwrinkle 26
My Liver's OK 26
William Shatnerface 26
Who Is Johnny 23
Hot Buns 10
Team Name Total
William Shatnerface 35
My Liver's OK 27
Team Name 22
Lesbian Barbie Comes in Her Own Box 22
Deadwrinkle 22
Here for the Beer, 2 20
Hot Buns 15









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