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October 23 WOB Arlington Scores: Multiple Brews and Loyalty Pants

Photo by PGTrivia

The World Series has begun, but even it couldn't compete with the incredible awesomeness that is PubGuys Trivia! Boston Red Sox may have beat the piss-tar out of the St. Louis Cardinals (8-1 if you didn't already know), but at World of Beer in Arlington, it was much tighter and far, far, far more exciting.

Multiple Scorgasms came out on top in the first game barely beating out Quizz in My Pants.

In the second game, it was even more tight and more thrilling watching The Brews put paid to the Thugs…but only just.

Thanks all! See you next week.


Team Name Total
Multiple Scorgasms  35
Quizz In My Pants 33
St. Louis Cardinals Suck 31
William Shatnerface 31
Fireball is my Friend 30
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 26
Young & Old 26
Need Another 25
Dave's 23
Deadwrinkle 21
Gover Flub 18
Wayne the Main McClain 16
Man United 9
Julry 8
We're Not Dead Yet 8
Team Name Total
The Brews 33
Loyalty Thugs 32
Young & Old 29
William Shatnerface 24
Quizz in my Pants 24
My Couch Pulls Out 23
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 19
We're Not Dead Yet 18
Deadwrinkle 15
Julry 12
D-Drinkers 7
Gover Flub 2












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