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October 16 WOB Arlington Scores: Brimley and Diabetes versus the 5 Stool Softeners

Viva La 5-Hole

Well, hey there strangers! No, just kidding really. Finally, at long last, I'm posting some scores. Perhaps I'll find some time to go back and enter the past scores I'm been too busy  lazy to enter. The game night was brilliant, as most game nights are at the World of Beer in Arlington. Good teams, good beer, good folks and, if I do say so myself, the best darned in all of Texas. That's correct, you read it here – we're better than all the others. If you don't believe me, come out and play with us – you'll have a good time because "Win or Lose, you're there for the booze" anyway. Right? Right!

Congratulations to Viva La 5-Hole for grabbing top honors in the first game while 2/3 of the  Stool Softeners managed to scoop up second place, one point ahead of We Like Our Beers Like We Like our Violence and only one point behind Viva La 5-Hole. Well done.

In the , once again it was pretty tight with the top two teams having to go to a tie-breaker. Bar Stool Softeners (well, 2/3 of them anyway) came in second, but only because  & the knew their 80s music just a tad better turning in 4 our of 10 to Bar Stool Softeners 3 out of 10. Tense times, but Wilfred Brimley & the Diabetes Gang pulled it out in the end and took home top honors for the game.

We would like to remind you that if we believe you're cheating, you're not going to win. That's the bare truth. So, keep your phones tucked away so there's no confusion with either us, or the perception of cheating to the other players. We don't want any hard feelings, sore losers or cheating winners.


Team Name Total
Viva La 5-Hole 32
Bar Stool Softeners 31
We Like our beer like we like our violence 30
Dave's Angels 29
William Shatnerface 29
Deadwrinkle 21
Sandusky Shower Buddies :-) 19
Flip Mexital 18
Who Is Johnny 17
Cleats & Cleavage 14
Bar 12
Leal Leamurs 11
AC&T 9
Team Name Total
Bar Stool Softeners 23
Wilfred Brimley & the Diabetes Gang* 23
Be Gentle, It's the 5-Hole 21
Deadwrinkle 21
Who Is Johnny 20
Pacific Rim Job 18
William Shatnerface 18
Jerry Sandusky's Tight Ends 18
Dave's Angels 17
Team Name 16
Cooka 14
Bar 13
Leal Leamurs 13
Beast-Mode 8











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