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November 6 WOB Arlington Scores: Trebek’s Team Name

Lesbian Barbie

It started a bit soft, but by mid-way through the first we had quite a few players onboard – both veterans and . Welcome aboard everyone!

It turns out that the night belonged to stalwarts Suck it . They handily took both by the horns and hung on 'til the bell. Well done!
, recently reconfigured, came out of the gate strong and hung on as well taking home the second place prize in both games. Lesbian was hot on their heels in the first game but mis-remembered the number of acres in Central Park.

Good play, everyone!


Here's our playlist from the game. Enjoy.

Thanks all! See you next week.


Team Name Total
Suck it Trebek 35
Team Name 33
Lesbian Barbie Comes in Her Own Box 33
We're Getting Married on Saturday…no, Seriously! 32
Quizz in my Pants 29
Baconstrips 28
GTC 27
Deadwrinkle 26
Off in the Woods 23
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 22
SoloTrick 21
Order of the Phoenix 14
Kaja 14
Mamj 10
Team Name Total
Suck it Trebek 36
Team Name 33
Off in the Woods 32
Kaja 26
Lesbian Barbie Comes in Her Own Box 24
Deadwrinkle 20
Also Trotsky 19
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 16
SoloTrick 5









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