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November 20 WOB Arlington Scores: The Victorious 5-Hole

Trivia at WOB

What a great night (Hi, Dad!) at World of Beer in , TX. Good players, good beer, and a new host we're giving a run-up to. Welcome aboard, Trevor.

The night started with slim numbers, but really picked up and there were some great teams in the mix tonight, although the spoils went to only two teams.

In the first Victorious Secret came out on top showing the world what Victorious really means and making no Secret about it. 5-Hole came in a close second.

In the second game, roles were reversed with 5-Hole emerging Victorious over Victorious Secret.

Well played.

See you next week at World of Beer in Arlington!

Here's our playlist from the game. Enjoy.

Thanks all! See you next week.

Victorious Secret 33
5-Hole 31
F*cktards 30
William Shatnerface 30
My Pulls Out, But I Refuse To 30
Dave's 27
Deadwrinkle 18
HagerWink 12
The Dixie D*ckheads 9
ToCo 5
Team Name Total
5-Hole 34
Victorious Secret 31
Deadwrinkle 29
F*cktards 27
Da Nics 16
The Danger You, Danger Me, Dangerous 12
The Dixie D*ckheads 4
Cruz Control 1
















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