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November 13 WOB Arlington Scores: Dave & William’s Team Bar

William Shatnerface

Another marvelous night in the wilds of South

Trivia regulars and favorites of ours (press Submit, dammit!) Dave's Angels were up to their old tricks and scored marvelously well in the while simultaneously celebrating 50 unique beers courtesy of The World of Program (check it out and join!). Bar came in a pretty close second!

In the second game, last week's big winners  took honors again and grabbed the 1st place winners gift card along with some nifty stuff from brand new local Ft. Worth brewery Wahoo! ( it! Yell it!). Team Name grabbed bridesmaid honors in the second game.

Thanks everyone!

See you next week at World of Beer in Arlington!

Here's our playlist from the game. Enjoy.

Thanks all! See you next week.

Team Name Total
Dave's Angels 27
Bar 23
Suck it Trebek 21
Team Name 20
One Eyed Penguins 19
Wishboner Formation 19
Awesome Sauce 18
Deadwrinkle 17
Quizz in my Pants 17
Prorastination is easier with beer 17
Future Alcholics of America 16
Team Name Total
William Shatnerface 27
Team Name 21
Deadwrinkle 20
Awesome Sauce 19
Wishboner Formation 18
Bar 11
Don't Matter 10
Carbon Matrix 4
















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