This year marks the 79th anniversary of and the 5th annual PubGuys Tournament Challenge.

You will be able to see both brackets below once they have been filled out. If you have any questions, please send an email to



Every person contributes $20 for a spot. (All contributions are distributed as winnings. The PubGuys and keep nothing)

Every player has 4 teams, 1 from the 1-4 seeds, 1 from the 5-8 seeds, and 2 from the 9-16 seeds. 
The drawing will be held at the date and location to be determined later.

Once the brackets have been filled out (post Selection Sunday), you'll be able to see and track your teams' progress on this page. 

If your team loses in the…..

Sweet 16 – $5 per team
Elite 8 – $15 per team
Final Four – $25 per team
Championship – $50
And if you win it all – $120


For the $50 bracket, the payouts are below.

Sweet 16 – $10 per team
Elite 8 – $30 per team
Final Four – $75 per team
Championship Game – $150
And if you win it all – $300

The only event where a re-draw is permitted is if you draw a team that is playing one of your other teams in the first round. 

You do not accrue money based on how far your team makes it. The payouts are based on where a team loses. For example, if Duke makes it to the Final Four and loses, the payout is only $25, not $45 ($5 for Sweet 16 $15 for Elite 8 $25 for Final Four).

All payouts will be distributed after the Championship Game has ended.


Please email the PubGuys if you have any questions,

Here are the results from 2017.


 Click here to view Bracket 1.


Click here to view Bracket 2.


Click here to view Bracket 3.


Click here to view Bracket 4.

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