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May 8th Arlington Scores: What What for the Three Guys?

Team Haga

It's been pointed out that my writing style borders on the offensive and is downright acerbic. 


I could point out that only one of you lot wins in each ; but, that's not my style. I prefer to point out that the winners won and the rest of you did not. Yeah, that's more me.

We had fewer teams than normal, but the music was better. So, if you weren't there, that's your loss.

Also, for those of you wondering, the PubGuys Pizza is building up nicely so far with Bacon and Canadian Bacon. Next week, we'll find out what kind of crust we're going to put this thing on.


First game results:

Team Name
Tell Those Three Guys That Fat Girls Are Harder to Kidnap 39
Team Name 36
My Pulls Out But I Don't 34
Accident Prawn 32
Suck it 29
Stouting Crows 25
Red Rocket, Red Rocket 21
Wayne the Main McClain 20
Mouseaholics 18


Second game results:

Team Name Game 2
What What in the What? 33
Accident Prawn 30
We Quit at the Beer Shot 24
Manti Te'o Doesn't Know the Meaning of Fantasy 22
Mouseaholics 22
Team Name 21
Red Rocket, Red Rocket 17
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 16
My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't 13
Razzle Dazzle 13

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