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May 1st Arlington Scores: Necesito mi hígado

Congratulations Amber


The start of a new month – the merry, lusty month of May!

…also, beer!

A very special congratulations to the first, the one, the only Beer at World of Beer in ! She hit 1000 beers last night. Part of Team Smirnoff Ice, she's a regular at WOBArlington and well-loved by and employees alike. We're happy to call her friend.

Frenetic, frantic, fantastic night was on the offering for the lusty month of May. Little did we know how great the night would be. Also, little did we realize just how few of you have read the Bible – any version. The ark was measured in cubits – not rods, not acres, not miles, not inches – cubits! Got it? Good.

Taking your feedback from last week's debut of the visual round, we modified it slightly and ran with it again. Very positive response, thank you! Next time, though, when we tell you that you have a full hour to fill it in, take the hour. Many of you turned it in right away and missed out on some things you might have sussed through over the hour. There were no bonus points to be had for turning it in first. None at all.

On the subject of bonus points, we want you there early to get your seat, so starting this week, we asked the Sound Check question. We only asked it once – if you heard it and got it right, great. If not, get there early next week. Also, don't forget to sign up for our once-a-week newsletter. There's bonus points and hints in it each and every week.

Also check the front page side menu for the results of this week's PubGuys Pulse.

First results:

Team Name Game 1
Necissito el Amor 44
1/2 My 's OK 43
Where Are All the Stripper Poles? 41
4 Men & A Groovy Kid 39
Suck it 37
Smirnoff Ice 36
We Are Here for the Beer 34
Lions 33
That Disgustingly Happy Couple 30
Anne Frank's Hide & Seek Club 29
Hustler 25
Sexy Bomb Bomb 22
Gig 'em 19
Pootie Tang 15
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 13
Romy & Michelle 11
I Love Lamp 10
Wayne the Main McClain 9
Team Name 5
Multiple Scoregasms 3
Cheez 2



Second game results:

Team Name Game 2
Smirnoff Ice 40
We Are Here for the Beer 32
I ham we Todd did 31
William Shatnerface 27
Hustler 27
Team Name 25
Romy & Michelle 22
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 13
That Disgustingly Happy Couple 10
Multiple Scoregasms 8
Jackie C 7
Pootie Tang 2

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