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May 15th Arlington Scores: Someone’s a Pathetic Loser When She Drinks Cider


It was a .

No, really. and hail and sideways rain and all that jazz. Thanks for braving the storm and playing everyone's favorite North live trivia – you know, the live trivia that's actually fun – PubGuys Trivia!

It was a great night. The teams that won did so without cheating. Some of you other teams should learn from that. Remember, here at PubGuys Trivia, if we even think you're cheating, you're not winning. For sure.

The Pathetic Losers were anything but Losers or Pathetic in the and bolstered by their BCS knowledge, pulled out ahead of I Hate It When She Loses that but only just. It was a predictably close that could have gone anywhere. 

In the second game of the night, Birthday Boy over in Team Name reached deep inside his and splattered it all over the walls dominating the game – HARD! Amanda Drinks Cider came in second after beating out the Pathetic Losers (pathetic and losers this time around…oh, and deeeep in their cups, too) for the 2nd place prize. 

See you next week for more PGTrivia adventures!


First :

Team Name Game 1
J. Edgars 23
Quiz in my Pants 14
X-Rated 14
Khalesi Have Baby Inside Her 19
If We Win Amanda Drinks a Cider 15
Top Guys 23
Pathetic Losers 35
Team Name 30
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 29
I Hate it When She Loses that Loving Feeling 33
Concrete Hellyuns 14



Second game results:

Team Name Game 2
Concrete Hellyuns 19
Quiz in my Pants 4
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 8
Team Name 33
Happy Daze 14
Pathetic Losers 27
Amanda Drinks Cider 27
Who 'dat Ninja? 19

2 thoughts on “May 15th Arlington Scores: Someone’s a Pathetic Loser When She Drinks Cider

  1. Greatness!!   Had a blast except where Amanda beat me… wait… nevermind…I kind of liked that. 


    1. We – and she – figured you would. Thanks for finally admitting it. 

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