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March 6: World of Beer Arlington Recap


Did you like how I added “”? That’s because, if you haven’t noticed, we are now your Deans of Trivia at the SMU location of World of Beer. Marc and Kyle kicked that off the same night as our . One of those fine gentlemen will be providing a recap separately.

On with the show:

We missed a few of our , we hope all is well and you only missed your weekly dose of trivia because you are off skiing or sampling great Caribbean beer right from the source. But it was a night where our did very well. Congratulations to Team 5-Hole who took home the 1st place World of Beer gift card for the and the ever present Team Name was a very close second so enjoyed their own 2nd place

The was extremely competitive and extremely enthusiastic. Team Name proved dominant once again and took home first while My Liver’s OK (where were you the first game?) and Hugo to had to go to a tie breaker to settle it. Hugo to knew (guessed) one of the six that featured SPECTRE as the villians. My Liver’s OK loves beer, but not Bond and got zero. That left Hugo to Hell holding the second place prize.

The Scores:

Team Name Game 1 Game 2
5 Hole 26 22
Team Name 25 26
Your Mom Said Hi 23 0
On a Scale of Casey Anthony to Jerry Sanduski, How Much Do You Love Kids?/Duct Tape Makes “NO, NO, NO” Sound Like “MMM,MMM,MMM” 8 15
Snowboard Brewing 21 23
Hugo to Hell 22 25
Gorilla 14 0
PS/BL 14 0
Chances Are 5 16
Wayne the Main McClain   16
Car Ramrod   19
We Eat Silicon Gel   23
Deadwrinkle   10
Stifler   22
My Liver’s OK   25

Cheers Bitches! 

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