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March 6 Recap: World of Beer on SMU Boulevard

WOBSMU Trivia Board

Notes on the Night:

Our inaugural event at The World of Beer on SMU Boulevard was, by all measuring sticks, a rousing success. We had great teams, great beer, a staff that knows their stuff and best of all, the PubGuys were in the house with the – as usual – excellent .

The questions were wide and varied, but most of the teams were up to the task. By the end of round one, all teams were literally neck-and-neck at 4 and 5 points apiece. Some separation occurred in round 2 and  Kyle was seen crawling to the top of the pack while That’s What She Said and  struggled to maintain pace. By the end of the 3rd round, and thus the 1st Bubba Kyle had established his authority over all things trivial and walked away with a WOB for his troubles while Left-Handed an awesome Father/Son team took the 2nd place card. Congrats!

We lost some teams for the 2nd game, but we gained some others – welcome to – the only trivia that’s fun!  In this game That’s What She Said jumped to an early lead and maintained it through a series of and Russian czar questions (have we mentioned the email list? you’d know what to brush up on if you subscribed). Coming in a very strong second was new team Silva. Well done to all who played. We look forward to seeing you next week at the of Beer on SMU Boulevard.


To all you new teams and new friends, we hope to see you next week. In the meantime, remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and go ahead and sign up for our once-weekly email list. You won’t regret it, no sirree-bob, you won’t regret it.

 Cheers, Bitches!

Game 1  Game 2 
That’s What She Said 18  25 
Bubba Kyle 20 14
Left-Handed Compliment 19 17
Hairless Mice 17 13
Clown Baby 18 17
Sweet Milk Chocolate 13 11
Hunt 10
Team Awesome! 7
Family Von Chap 9
Chemical Toilet 8 11
Silva 21
Double Trouble 4
Smelly Nutria 15

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