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March 13 Arlington Recap: Team Cheney is Hilarious

WOB 100 Club

On with the show:

Some challenges reared their heads at the World of Beer Arlington store this week.  Sound board wasn’t working so the sound had to be routed through the monitors making it a bit muddy which certainly didn’t help our , Matt, with his . But, by all accounts he was well received and well thought of. Thanks for stepping in, Matt!
We also had numerous issues with duplicate making it even more important that you add your team IDs to your answer sheets. Please?

ended in a three-way tie between I Call My Because I Shoot in the FaceTeam Name and  Hilarious II.  Eventually, after a couple of tie-breakers, I Call My Dick Cheney Because I Shoot in the Face came out on top with Team Name pulling into second place over Pope Hilarious II. Thanks for playing!

The second did not require a tie-breaker, but the results were the same only with Pope Hilarious II and Team Name swapping roles. 

So, on the night I Call My Dick Cheney Because I Shoot in the Face won while Team Name  and Pope Hilarious II split the runner-up spots.

Congratulations to all the winners and even more important to all the teams having fun! Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you next week.

The Scores:

Team Name Game 2
I Call My Dick Cheney Because I Shoot in the Face 1st 1st
Team Name 2nd 3rd
Pope Hilarious II 3rd 2nd


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