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March 13, 2013 SMU Recap: Left-Handed Mustang Clown


Notes on the Night:

Our second week at the World of on – thank you to all the teams that came back out to support us on . We appreciate you!

Brand new team, Mustang 1 arrived on the scene with a bang and dominated the coming out on top over returning team  Baby 27 – 24. to both teams for great scores and for fair play.

Mustang 1 continued their by winning the 2nd game, too. Second place was hotly contested with three teams tied at the end of the primary rounds resulting in our first tie-breaker at SMU. When the smoke cleared, Left-Handed Compliment went home with the second place WOB card.

Again, thanks to all our players, new and established.

We’ll see you next week.

Cheers, bitches!





Team Name Game 1  Game 2 
Left-Handed Compliment 22  21 
Clown Baby 24  12 
 Dain Bramage / Dolce 15  16 
Chinese 1st Graders are Falling Behind US in Math & Science 22  21 
Yummy / Yummy Chinese Kids 19 21
Razorbacks 15
Mustang 1 27 22
50 and Under 14 15
Booze Hounds 16
Agyeman’s   8
Patty Wagons   3

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