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June 5th Arlington Scores: Team Silly Ramrods


I'm sorry cats & kitties, my man-boobs are not – let me repeat NOT – the largest mammal on earth. Sheesh. That is actually the Blue Whale, but I'm sure you all knew that.

The first visual round this week was super easy. It appears you really do know your Harry Potter characters as if that's any great surprise.

The second round, however, through you all for a loop – maybe we made it too tough; or, perhaps you should brush up on your Geography. I mean, really, who doesn't know the top 10 Northernmost cities in the world…in order.


Marathon Dreams 27
Gringotts 35
Some Guy 8
G-Shocks 31
Scotch Silly Willies 36
Suck it 32
# Hashtag 13
Hip Hop Sucks 20
Curry  4
Rodney Stusse 4
NT Kelley 17
Ramrod 28
Bri-Ber 25
Team Name 37


Team Name Game 2
Just Met 14
G-Shocks 18
3 Blind Mice 31
I'm Using Yahoo 17
Ramrod 46
Team Name 33










Check the side on the home page for the results of the "How You Watch Your Movies" poll and it seems that you crazy kids like Pop Culture and Science a lot more than you like Geography – I think we could have gathered that from your visual round – but, thanks for clarifying in our weekly survey.




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