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June 12th Arlington Scores: Lebron James Chokes More Dudes & Ales

'sup Dudes

Well, you struggled a telling us who's alive and who's not. I promise you, as of this morning, Ned Beatty is still kicking it.

You should all know it by now, but it's obvious you don't. If A is for Alpha, C is for Charlie then Z must be for Zulu – it's not Zed, it's not and it sure isn't Xylophone (notice, that's spelled with an X)

Make sure you sign up for our email list so you can get the bonus email question – won over Chokes More than by only one point – it could have been that email question. Or not. . That was the answer.

Also, if you get to World of Beer by 7:30, you'll be privy to a separate question that we only read once; so, make sure you get there early to guarantee your seat and another valuable point.

In the second game we had our first 3-way tie of the season. 'sup DudesDead Wrinkle, and LeBron James Chokes More than Porn Stars. So, we asked you a doozy of a question and new squad 'sup Dudes walked out of the night with a second place gift card – thanks for joining us, guys. Know it Ales that regular team that used to involve a Soviet took home top honors in the second game. Well played. 

And, thanks for being there, everyone. It seems that you come from an average of 14 miles away to play your favorite Live game and your favorite beers with your favorite and staff. We appreciate it. We appreciate you.


Team Name Game 1
LeBron James Chokes More than Porn Stars 40
Misfits 17
Dead Pool Corp 14
Dare 14
X-Rayted 22
K-State 29
The Flame & the Void 26
Coconuts 25
Know it Ales 35
Dr. Acula 30
Dum Dum 31
Hiphop Sucks 35
Wicked Witch 13
Bean Flickers 32
'sup Dudes 27
My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't 22
Team Name 41
Tiff 9


Team Name Game 2
Cannabis Club 12
'sup Dudes 33
Know it Ales 38
Deadpool Corp 7
Coconuts 5
Flame and the Void 13
Birthday Boy 2
LeBron James Chokes More than Porn Stars 33
X-Rayted 28
Balls & Shaft 4
Boris 12
Girls Are Like Square Roots: If They're Under 17, I Do Them in My Head 21
Team Name 31
K-State 16
Dead Wrinkle 33










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