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July 4th Arlington Scores: We’re Here for Cunning Scoregasms

Trivia Players

Thanks to all of you who braved the "no refusal weekend" and joined us at World of Beer on Wednesday for another evening of everyone's favorite and DFW's very best – PubGuys . We thank you!

We sure hope everyone had a marvelous, fun and above all safe July 4th Holiday and weekend and that you'll all be out to see us this next Wednesday, too. 

In the meantime, let us apologize for the delay in getting the scores posted, the PubGuys are underdoing a lot of "under the hood" changes that will make everyone's experience even more fun than it already is. Stay tuned as we roll out the details. Now, onto the scores.

Team Name Total
We're Here for the Beer 37
Lady Scoregasims 33
The JJ's 32
! 30
Just 1 Jerk 30
Rangeretts 29
The Canoes 29
RonG-1 25
Cunning Linguists 24
Four and 5 Ago 21
Multiple Scoregasims 20
Ben Dover 9
Team Chive 8
Jack Off 4
Rezenicek 1
Mon Dieu 1


Team Name Total
Cunning Linguists 49
We're Here for the Beer 44
Team Name 40
RonG-1 38
Just 1 Jerk 37
Multiple Scoregasims 33
The 5 Holes Are Coming, The 5 Hoes Are Coming 31
Fireworks! 27
Lady Scoregasims 26
The JJ's 24
The Douche Canoes 24
Wayne the Main McClain 20
Rangeretts 18
The Late Comers 4




On a side note, PGTerrill and PGAdam both achieved World of Beer Loyalty milestones on this fabulous evening. Congratulations to PGTerrill on his 500th and to PGAdam on this 250th! Well done, lads. Well done, indeed!


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