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July 24th Arlington Scores: Everybody Gets a Cunning Name


Another great week of Live has come and gone at the World of Beer in Arlington. Below are the scores, but before you get there we should tell you there are exciting things afoot for your favorite PubGuys. Suffice it to say that those Team IDs you all have will soon be very important. So, if you don't have one, cannot find it, or just simply don't remember what it is, you can either reach out to us or ask one of your friendly to retrieve your ID at the next trivia .

Everybody Gets One 51
McPoyles 47
Here's to Us 29
Team Z 28
I dont give a f@#k 27
We're Not Dead Yet 27
& Louise 26
Team Name 24
Deadwrinkle 23


Team Name Total
Team Name 31
Cunning Linguists 30
We're Not Dead Yet 28
Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife 26
Thelma & Louise 25
currit 24
Team Z 24
Deadwrinkle 22










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