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July 10th Arlington Scores: Cunning Shatner Face x 2



Here are the scores from last nights scorcher. Two teams topped the tables both games, but in swapped positions. Well done to Cunning Linguists and William Shatner Face for games well played.

The night was historic in a manner of speaking, not because it's in the past making it history, but rather because we broke . Last night your PubGuys did everything over the interwebs. That's right, all the questions, all the scoring, everything we did through the of stellar programming and the WOB Wireless connection.

Team Name Total
Cunning Linguists 35
William Shatner Face 34
Dave's 31
Team Name 31
The and the Void 27
M. E. 26
My wife and my smell the same! 26
, 25
Team Z 24
Pen15 23
Nice Tits Sir 21
Booty Call 20
Tauri 19
SoDak 18
Ass Up 3


Team Name Total
William Shatner Face 35
Cunning Linguists 27
Team Z 25
Team Name 24
Red Rocket, Red Rocket 20
Nice Tits Sir 20
The Flame and the Void 20
Blood Turd Fart Butt Piss 19
Tauri 14
Face Down Ass Up 13
SoDak 11
M. E. 9
Deadwrinkle 4











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