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January 8 WOB Arlington Scores: Team Old Guys Wrinkle

ManU Sucks

We admit, we were skeptical, but the of the New Year at World of Beer in Arlington was a smashing success! What a fun time.

Lots of new teams and new players, but lots of returning players, too – it's what makes it all worth while for us.

New team, Old Guys + 1 stormed out of the gates and put their stamp on the right from the start taking home the first in solid fashion. to you. faves, Deadwrinkle held on tightly and barely beat out My Pulls Out, But I Don't to grab that second place gift card…in fact, Deadwrinkle managed the feat twice last night taking second place in the next game as well, while returning players and all-around numismast  took the honors (and the top spot gift card).

It did come to our attention over the course of the evening, though, that perhaps your world geography needs some brushing up: Midway really is futher south than Daytona, we promise. Now, go look it up. While you're at it, look up Jakarta, Indonesia and let us know next week if it's further North or further South than Lima, Peru. Get it right and you'll get a bonus point.

Team Name Total
Old Guys + 1 37
Deadwrinkle 35
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 34
Team Name 31
The Flame and the Void 28
Us/Them 24
The Whodinis!!! 23
LiTo 21
What the hell is a ? 20
Quiz in my Pants 20
Der Deutscher 17
I Don't Know 6
Bootytang Brown Ale 6
Mike McMichael 4
Team Name Total
Team Name 32
Deadwrinkle 29
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 27
What the hell is a razzleberry? 24
The Flame and the Void 22
The Whodinis!!! 18
LiTo 16
Us/Them 16
Who Around Here Has the Best Wings 14
Quiz in my Pants 12
I Don't Know 3







Here's the playlist for the night. Enjoy.

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