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January 30th Recap: Tokin’ Sam Beethoven

WOB from Above

Notes on the Night:

We were playing at World of Beer in Arlington – it was fun. Where were you?

It’s difficult to get great photos on a dark night with a wretched little phone. We’ll get better.

The Jacksonville Jaguars do not spell their name . Never. You guys & gals can do better…much better.

The name of the Kojak theme song is not, I promise it is not “Flight of Yo Mama”

Tokin’ Sam? Really?

No, Ludwig van Beethoven did not perform the half-time show at the Super Bowl XLVI. He died a few years before that.

The cubit measures 45.72 centimeters making Noah’s ark 18.288 meters long. Just long enough to carry two each of every creature on Earth (except the unicorn)

Team  2
More Equals More Points 22 23
Who Knew Gomer Liked Them in a Pyle 17 27
First Timers
Honey Boo Boo’s Belly Button
18 21
23 15
Wayne the Main McClain 13 19
Midlothian Mudders 0 31
Old Farts 16 0
The Javelinas 14 0
Wobble   13

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