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January 29 WOB Arlington Scores: Marlon’s Couch has a German Wrinkle!

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Broncos? Seahawks? Who cares, let's just play trivia!

With all the build-up and pageantry leading into Super Bowl weekend, I'm assuming most of your minds were elsewhere this past week at trivia. Sadly, the scores seemed to confirm my suspicions. Perhaps you were wondering how many different pieces of gum Pete Carroll was going to munch on during the . Or perhaps, you were wondering how many minutes into the it would be before you'd see the Jupiter-sized Red Spot on Peyton Manning's forehead.

The answers to those questions are, 87 pieces of Bubble Yum and -55 minutes (as in, the spot was there before pre-game!).

Now that the Big [Beating of a] Game is behind us (thankfully), we can concentrate on our awesome trivia. But, we'd like to know who you were rooting for and what you thought of the Operatic stylings of the great Renee Fleming? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Now, to the game…. (no, the trivia game).

The opening game of the night showed us that My Pulls Out, But I Don't  came ready to play….and everyone else was content to fight for second place. The battle for second was close, and narrowly won by Bordeau's over Bohica and Deadwrinkle. In the game, the geography struggles continue as we learned that Nepal and Denver are apparently the most populous countries in the world. Only the showoffs thought it to be China. Jerks. We learned what I had suspected all along- no one in their right mind, and probably no one worth knowing EVER watched Scarecrow and Mrs. King. We learned that Gene Pitney was 24 hours from the grocery store, and that "superstar" Vida Blue was the only player to be named MVP of both leagues.

The Power Hour yielded similar results as 's was just able to squeak by My Liver's OK for second place. The top spot in the belonged to the solo stylings of Der Deutscher de Uno. We now know that each of you needs to spend more time watching instead of Flash Gordon. Don't get me wrong. Flash Gordon was great, but it's no Blazing Saddles! We also learned that the brightest star in a particular constellation is the moon, and that Hilary Clinton was the first centerfold in Playboy.

Thanks to everyone for coming out! Don't forget to let us know your thoughts on the game and everything around it.


Team Name Total
Der Deutscher de Uno 28
Marlon Bourdeau's 25
My Liver's OK 24
Wh*re Hunters 21
Beer Bong 20
Team Name 19
Deadwrinkle 16
Who Dat 4
Team Name Total
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 26
Marlon Bourdeau's 21
Bohica 20
Deadwrinkle 20
Dave's Angels 19
TJC 19
Honey Badgers 16
Der Deutscher de Uno 15
Team Name 14
IPA 11

Here's the playlist for the night. Enjoy.

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