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January 23rd Recap: Gold of Ages

Notes on the Night:

First and foremost, never piss off Amanda, or you’ll end up drinking  through a straw like a poncy puff

was not discovered in Jack’s teeth, it was in fact found at Sutter’s Mill in California.

Kyle apparently used to grind to ’s “” at church dances once upon a time

SLR does not stand for She Likes it Rough, although perhaps Amanda has something to say about that

Nunya really is no good at this game

Pat Tillman does not, despite your insistence, terrorize bears in Jellystone National Park

Cheaters really never win at PubGuys . We know who you are, and I’m sure you noticed you didn’t win. Thanks for playing.

Team Game 1  Game 2 
5 Hole 27  28
Dear Abby, My Boyfriend Doesn’t Think I’m Real 24 27 
2 Jerks & a 23 29 
Toolbox 22 22 
Ray Lewis is Better Than Manti T’eo Because He Kills Real People
Nobody Actually Watched the Inauguration Did They?
22 31 
People 21 30 
Team Name 19 22 
Dr. Acula 17 25 
Clueless 16
My Couch Pulls Out, but I Don’t 16
My ’s OK 14 22 
Schmammered Family 13 18 
Nunya 11
Dah Beers 9
Lonely Island 5 12 
Cheez   9
Ramrod   6

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