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January 22 WOB Arlington Scores: The Deutscher Named My Pants!

1 Jerk No Squirt

New time? No problem.

In our first night at a new time (7PM) at World of Beer in Arlington, it was clear that although we had a decent crowd, their brains had not been lubricated well enough to perform at a high level. Trust us, we know. The first game was challenging. We did that intentionally. We were testing you….. And, with the benefit of the PubGuys Survey question, we were able to find out how difficult you truly thought the opening game was.

If you aren't into comic books, the second round was clearly not for you. We leaned in the opening game that was responsible for England's break with the Roman Catholic Church, enjoys writing erotic Viking porn novels, and Betty Boop was modeled after Rosie O'Donnell. And of course, now every time you hear the lovely Snow White song, "Someday My Prince Will Come", you'll think of something horribly dirty.

Congratulations to Quiz in my Pants who just edged out Der Deutscher de Uno to take home the top spot.

In the , things heated up a bit as most teams were stumped when questioned about "Gossip Girl". I seriously can't blame anyone for missing a question about that show. In fact, I honestly commend you. However, it is trivial and someone out there knows about this junk, so that's why we ask about it. In game two, we learned a lot of disgusting acronyms for Disney's EPCOT center. Some of my favorites (the fairly clean ones) are below. We also learned that Harare is the capital city of the African nation of Istanbul. Let that one sink in for a moment.

was able to separate themselves from the pack and take home the victory over Quiz in my Pants in the Power Hour.



Thanks to everyone for coming out. Let us know what you think of the new 7PM start time. Come out to the World of Beer Arlington early and have dinner with the PubGuys!


Team Name Total
Quiz in my Pants 32
Der Deutscher de Uno 31
1 Jerk No Squirt 26
Peaches and Creamy 25
My Pulls Out, But I Don't 25
Drawing of a Mustache 24
Team Dover 21
Carham 19
2 White Hairs & a Bitch 12
Mouseaholics 5
Team Name Total
Team Name 33
Quiz in my Pants 29
1 Jerk No Squirt 25
Drawing of a Mustache 23
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 18
TA TA-Lovin-MoFo's 16
Der Deutscher de Uno 10
Taylor 8
Honey Badgers 8











Extremely Painful Crunching of Taint
Every PubGuy Cheats On Trivia
Elves Proliferate Creating Oversized Toddlers
Evil Pamela Can Obliterate Testicles


Here's the playlist for the night. Enjoy.

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