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January 15 WOB Arlington Scores: Name the Wrinkle that Won’t Pull Out Mittens!

A rare image of Adam at work

Another excellent night of at World of Beer in Arlington and fun was had by all! 

Several new teams arrived and picked up the game in quick fashion. As well, our usual hoard of regulars was on hand to engage in the festivities. To all the veterans out there, a new team is on the rise. If you haven't heard or heard of What the is a Razzleberry?!, you will. They are loud, proud, and very feisty….just what we love in a trivia team. Not to mention, since it was National Hat Day, the World of Beer was holding a "Best Hat" contest. Richard from What the Hell is a Razzleberry?! took home the crown…well, not a crown really, it was a sailor's hat. You get the idea.

Game one was a tight race to the finish as two weekly favorites, the and My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't fought to the death. Ok, so no one was actually harmed at PubGuys Trivia, that was just for dramatic effect. New team,  made their presence and trivia prowess known right out of the gate strong performances in Rounds 1 & 2. Watch out trivia , this is another team to watch out for. In , we learned that an alarmingly high number of people know that Manhattan-style clam chowder is red, although that is not because it is made with the blood of (yikes!). And of course, we learned, or revisited the fact that yes, Ruben Studdard is, in fact, the Biggest Loser. 

In Game two, it was a very close finish as weekly contenders Team Name just eeked past Deadwrinkle. If you haven't been paying attention, Deadwrinkle has been on quite a tear lately. They are probably two of the smartest people in the , and easily the nicest. When they get on a roll, it's fun to watch. The Dallas Derby Devils made a to trivia after several weeks off, and TJC was right in the middle of things once again. In the Power Hour of PubGuys Trivia, we learned that Amelia Earhart disappeared while trying to drive to the grocery store, Guatemala borders Denmark to the south, enchiladas are apparently a breakfast treat in Germany, and the miller's daughter promised to do unspeakably awful (read:awesome) things to Rumpelstiltskin in exchange for his help. 


Thanks to everyone for coming out. Don't forget, next week we start up at a new time: 7PM. So set your alarms and get to the World of Beer Arlington early and have dinner with the PubGuys! 

Team Name Total
Kitten Mittens 37
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 34
TJC 32
What the hell is a razzleberry? 29
Nikki's Bitches 27
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 27
No Ma'am 26
Deadwrinkle 25
Yay! 22
Writers 17
Honey Badgers 14
M&M 11
Team Name Total
Team Name 26
Deadwrinkle 24
Dallas Derby Devils 22
TJC 20
Nikki's Bitches 19
What the hell is a razzleberry? 19
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 13
Yay! 9
M&M 6
No Ma'am 2







Here's the playlist for the night. Enjoy.

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