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February 6th Recap: Australia, Tom Jones and Rum

Team 7 were tonight's winners in Game #1

Notes on the Night:

Ahh, the fantastic-ness that is at the World of Beer. The beer is flowing, the hounds are howling and the trivia patrons and matrons are going mad. Yup. Oh, and Marc, that , hit #50. , Marc!

50 Beers at World of Beer

Guatemala does not span both Africa and Asia – time to look at your maps a little closer, folks.

Who knew that would be such an elusive answer on the weekly Bond question or that Amanda would hate that song so much she’d throw a beer bottle at me? Good times.

and Chris Martin did name their baby something ridiculous, but it was not Jesus and it was not Gwyntin. Thanks for playing.

Pliny the Elder is bitchin’!

Yes, the Australian flag does too have stars and no, it’s not One Billion. Your vexillology days are just beginning, I can tell.

Yes, did too play for the Chicago Bulls. I promise. ESPN says so.

Freebasing, Rum, the Rolling Stones and a carving knife make for strange bedfellows and the occasional comedian-on-fire.

Now, don’t forget to join us next week – the day before Valentine’s Day and the day after Mardis Gras also known as Ash Wednesday (this year) – for some more frothy fun with adult libations.

See you there or on Facebook.

Team Game 1  Game 2 

He’s Not Gay, He’s Just British

26  24
We’re Here for the Drinks 23 28
Your Mom Says Hi 23 22
Dead Prez 22 14
My Liver’s Ok 21 24
19 30 
Sun Bros 19  
Boss Hogz 18  
8521 15  
Boots & Spurs 14 16
Road Kill Warriors 14 15
An Artist Formerly Known as Cole’s Mom 13 18 
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 10
Don’t Fear Me, Beer Me   15 
One Guy, One Girl, Two Cups   14 
Helen Keller’s Teacher   12
Team Deutschland   12
Big Felix   5
Mary   1

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