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February 27th Recap: Team Mack Thugs in the Five-Hole


Notes on the Night:

Sorry for the delay, folks, I got wrapped up in the drinking beer, listening to live music and getting a righteous sunburn.

On to the notes and news.
First up, the news: PubGuys Trivia is opening a new location this week at the marvelous World of Beer on SMU Boulevard. Tell all your Dallas friends how much fun you’re having and how much beer your drinking and send them to SMU to have the same sort of experience!

Now, the notes.
Congratulations to Team Name who took the honors and the $25 World of Beer Gift Card that goes with it in the first game. 5-Hole was just a point behind but took a $10 gift card for their efforts. Good job both teams!

In the second game,  Thugs ran away with a massive 38 points. Team 4ever was a good second with 34 points. Congratulations to both teams.

All four winning teams are teams we see every week. We appreciate you!

Starting this past week and continuing on at both World of Beer locations, the PubGuys have issued ID numbers. This helps us when you change your team name mid-game (you know who you are!) and it will help you with some exciting things we have in the pipeline.

Oh, and thank you very much for the lovely drawings. We like art.

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 Cheers, Bitches!


Game 2

Team Name (#10323)

29 27

5-Hole (#10312)

28 19

2 & a Squirt (#10314)

27 25

Can’t Spell Fun without FU
MackBrown 4ever (#10318)

24 34

Wayne the Main Brain McClain (#10316)

20 11

Spruce Tips (#10317)

20 14

Chees (#10327)

1 10

My ’s OK (#10313)

10 21

Red Rocket, Red Rocket (#10324)

11 15

Our Other Team Name is F***ing Hilarious (#10325)

14 30

Hot for Teacher (#10321)


1 Man Wolf Pack (#10319)


Hustler (#10315)

18 23

The Bad Teachers (#10322)

18 33

Ample Fun Bags (#10326)

19 17

Loyalty Thugs (#10328)


Evacuate the Pub Immediately, This is Not a Drill (#10329)


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