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February 12 WOB Arlington Scores: Deadwrinkle Jerks with the 5-Hole

PubGuys Trivia

So what if the Olympics aren't quite turning out the way you wanted. There's always trivia!

I get it. You've been spending your days and nights watching reruns of previous Olympic games in order to prepare for the thrill and excitement of your favorite Winter Olympic event. The speed, the rush, the anticipation. All of that rolled into the most exhilerating competition:
If you're not a believer yet, it will only take about 15 seconds before the heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat action of ice dancing will have you hooked. 

And even if after watching countless hours of ice dancing, you're still not inspired, there's always cross-country skiing. The Winter Olympics give us a lot of things to bridge the gap between the Super Bowl and March Madness. Unfortunately, the most compelling storyline of these Olympic games has been the quest to find the culprit who farted on Bob Costas' pillow. Here's hoping Bob's eye herpes clears up soon so we can get back to concentrating on events like Nordic freestyle (that sounds dirty) and curling!
Now, onto the !
In , the Deadwrinkle led from start to finish en route to their first ever win at . Admittedly, we were all very excited to see two of our favorite players take the top spot. Congrats to you both, and thanks for the valentines! There was a close race for second place as Cupid Aims for the 5-Hole just edged out My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't. In , we learned that Blondes Only Like Okra, Millard Filmore was JFK's Secretary of State, LBJ had surgery to remove a "magic bullet" from a naughty place, and you guys are really frightened by horror movies such as Home Alone and Free Willy. 

Game 2 came down to the wire as 4-Souls, 5-Holes and the Deadwrinkle were just edged out by April, Brian, and a Jerk. taught us that Baloo was a homeless eskimo in the Jungle Book, and Master P teamed up for You're so Vain, Socrates was born in Baltimore, and the first televised sport was . I'll admit, that one took me back a few years….. Ahh. Ice…..

Thanks to everyone for showing up at World of Beer Arlington. Bring some friends next week, mention or comment on this post, and we'll give you a bonus point.

Team Name Total
Deadwrinkle 34
Cupid Aims for the 5-Hole 29
My Couch Pulls Out But I Don't 26
Dave's Angels 26
April and the Jerk 23
in my Pants 18
Team Name 14
Quit Making Ballsaccusations 9
Team Name Total
April, Bryan, and a Jerk 29
4-Souls – 5-Holes 27
Deadwrinkle 23
Dave's Angels 22
Quiz in my Pants 21
Quit Making Ballsaccusations 19
TPD 18
Team Name 17
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 3











Here's the playlist for the night. Enjoy.

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