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August 21 WOB Arlington Scores: William Flames & Voids the Astros


Started strong, ended strong, really strong in the middle. Our teams at the World of Beer in Arlington are the best in the area – beyond .

both games were very close, but in the end, William Shatnerface came out on top for the night. And, well done to Flame – you've been playing a while…it was your turn! :-)

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William Shatnerface 40
The Flame and the Void 38
Astro's are winning!!! For Now 37
Feeling Good 35
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 32
's Angels 29
Bar 25
Sara 25
Team Name 25
Deadwrinkle 22
Ass Spankers 20
Bringing the Storm 14
Team Name Total
Astros are Tied Because They Can Take a Hit. 34
William Shatnerface 33
Deadwrinkle 32
Feeling Good 23
My Couch Pulls Out, But I Don't 23
Bar 22
Team Name 21
The Flame and the Void 16
The Sharknados 12










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