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April 24th Arlington Scores: Would You Hold Your 5-Hole Asian Against Me?


On April 24th, the usual brain-trust gathering of beer nerds and thinkers gathered for another rousing night of .

Our good friends and Team Name was the big winner on the night taking top honors in the and coming in a close second in the second match.
5-Hole was a strong contender in the first game finishing just behind Team Name but fell off the pace a bit in the second game, while Cock Asians picked it up mightily in the second game to take first place and the WOB gift card.

We also debuted a new visual round which a resounding 93% of you loved! We'll be bringing it back with slight modifications. Thank you for your input!

Also check the front page side menu for the results of this week's PubGuys Pulse.


Aggie Marine   28
Brandon the   23
Club 4 28
Cock Asians 28 48
Dead Wrinkle 10 29
Emerson Bigguns 25 34
Excuse Me, Your Depends are Leaking On Me 29 37
Exit Only 28  
I Just Shipped My Pants   32
If I said you had a beautiful 5 hole would you hold it against me? 32 33
Isle of Man 2  
Jerry Jones Draft 27  
My Pulls Out, But I Don't 28 38
My Liver's OK   36
Palmer 26  
Queso – OK 10  
Slice Me Off a Piece of That   38
TCMC 10  
Team Name 37 44
Unicorn Queefs 9  
Wayne the Main Brain McClain 18 27

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