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April 17, 2013 Arlington Scores: Frank and the Soviet


Notes on the night.
Two games, two winning teams.
For the first time in the PubGuys Trivia long and exalted history, the same two teams one first and second place in both games.

The Team Known as Frank Cox took the top honors in both games while 2 Jerks & a Squirt (Soviet) managed to fend off all oncomers and held on to the second spot in both games.  It should also be stated that The Team Known as Frank Cox is new to our trivia world and just stormed their way in. No, they weren't cheating. Yes, we were watching. Well done to both teams.

Please remember, when turning in your to us, that including your ID will help us in the short term (especially if you change your name mid-game) and in the long-term with some of the exciting things we have planned.

And, because we also want to know what drives the PubGuys Nation, we asked you "Why do you play Live Trivia?". If you put down one of the four responses that we provided, then you not only helped us out, but you got an for being a . If you did not one of the four responses we provided, you didn't help and you didn't get a point. Shame on you.

Why do you play live trivia?
Competition 3 0.1875
Prizes 1 0.0625
Hot 0 0
Education 0 0
We're Here Anyway 3 0.1875

On to the scores:

Game 1 Game 2
Ain't Walken 13 20
The Team Know as Frank Cox 21 27
Team 33 13 0
Fat People are Hard to Kidnap 12 0
Harry Balzagna 14 11
My Pulls Out but I Don't 10 0
2 Jerks and a Squirt 19 24
Haga Likes it in the Butt 2 0
Dustin's Bitch 4 0
Team Socialyzer 10 21
Steamer 101 5 0
It Is What It Is 3 0
Vetter House 8 0
Team Name 13 19
Mike Hunt 4 0
J & J 10 0
LBK 0 17
Hashtag YOLO 0 13
Papa Puma 0 14
Cannabis Club 0 4
'Merican Pew Pew 0 21
Chump Change   7


Check the side- for the pulse question.

Thanks for playing!

The Scores:

Cheers Bitches!

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